Your Direction to Connection
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How It Works

You Call

The initial call covers the Compatibles process in detail so you understand how it flows, answers any questions you may have and the pricing options. If all this sounds good to you, we set up a convenient time to meet!

We Meet

Over coffee or tea, a conversational approach in getting to know you is easy and comfortable. Learning about you is the goal. Information is gathered about you and those you'd most want to be introduced to. At the end of this meeting we will have the basis for the next step; accurately representing you and making your first introduction!

A Referral

You'll receive what is called a "referral" candidate, this selection is handmade based on both client's criteria, and other factors. You accept or decline each referral. If two people mutually "accept", then phone numbers are exchanged.

You Meet

You set up the place and time together. A casual, low pressure, low cost cup of coffee is the venue. It's an easy way to meet a new person without the pressure and you can talk for 45 minutes or four hours!

How Did it Go?

An easy feedback form with 6 questions you can answer verbally, over the phone or in an e-mail helps to get to know you and provides information needed to help in future referral selections.

We Continue

You continue to meet referral candidates for the term you joined for until you meet someone you'd like to see exclusively! Then, you simply place your membership "on hold". You may remain on hold for up to 12 months so take your time getting to know them, there is no pressure and you won't lose your remaining time until a full year has gone by.

We Help

Along the dating way we all need help from time to time, whether it is in the form of dating tips, coaching, a pep-talk, some hand holding or gentle suggestions for improvements to help you better connect with people, Compatibles is here to help you succeed. Your goal is our goal and it is one we take seriously. Working together as a team, it is just a question of when you find your special someone not "if".