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Sara sounds delightful and I hope she is interested in meeting me as well! Hope is such a wonderful emotion to have. You are so optimistic and enthusiastic about your career you are motivating. Thank you for considering allowing me to be “inventory.” I will recommend you to as many people as I talk to whom might want your service.
- Len

I am really enjoying your service - so far the "dating" thing is not as bad as I had feared!! It is actually fun! The 2 men I have met have been very nice, Ted and Joe, and I would go out with either again! They also spoke highly of you and "Compatibles". Thank you and have a great weekend!
- Sincerely, Susan

Things are moving along with Allen. We are engaged. Our new home is due to be finished in 2 weeks. We are considering an April wedding. We met on my parents 49th anniversary and are considering a ceremony on their 50th. Looks like you did it again.
- Paula

Last week while we were in Paris, I asked Nancy to marry me. She said yes!! Anyway, we are looking at an October date for the wedding and we wanted you to know about this. Thank you for helping us meet each other. I think we now have both "retired" from Compatibles! Kindest wishes,
- Bob & Nancy

I am happy, excited and smiling from ear to ear. Mark and I became engaged last night. Thank you, Nicole, for introducing us. It has been so wonderful!! No wedding plans yet. No idea when or where or how. Just basking in the moment and enjoying being introduced as his fiancé. I like it so much better than significant other. Cheers!!
- Julie

Ray is completely wonderful. We have such a strong connection. It's eerie! It made me feel SO guilty for assuming we wouldn't be compatible because our professions were so different. Anyways, thank you endlessly for connecting us. Please suspend referrals, as I really like Ray!! We'll see what happens and I'll keep you posted. We both think you have an extraordinary gift for intuition. Thank you!!
- Emily

You're right, Diane is a wonderful person & we're progressing into a relationship. I liked her right off. Right now you're my hero! Oh yeah, so is Diane! Thanks,
- Dave

Thank you so much for your kind words and sound advice. You are such an amazingly wonderful person with a good heart and I feel very blessed to have met you. Thank you so much for your energy.
- Linda

Congratulations on your upcoming TV appearance! Look at the magic spell you put on me and Steve! We are still on cloud nine. Can't thank you enough. Go get 'em girl!
- Marilyn

"I really enjoyed meeting you.  I think you are a perfect person to be matchmaking with your enthusiasm, openness and good perceptions.  I was a bit nervous at first but you put me right at ease and it was like talking to a new friend! I’m really looking forward to working with you!"